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Valentine Berries

There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than with a box of our decadent chocolate covered strawberries.

6pk: $17.50

12pk: $28.50

Loves Ya! Bouquet

Bursting with love! Decadent strawberries dipped and swirled with white and milk chocolate. Complimented with chocolate covered pineapple hearts!

Small: $60.00

Large: $70.00

Chocolate Berry Daisy Bouquet

White, milk and pink chocolate covered strawberries amoung a bushel of juicy berries and sweet pineapple daisies.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Strawberries Delight Bouquet

A bushell of fresh strawberries with lots of white and milk chocolate and butterscotch swirl.

Small: $63.50

Large: $73.50

White Berry Bliss Bouquet

Fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate and swirled with pink accompanied with 3 juicy pineapple hearts! The perfect bouquet for your special sweetheart or to congratulate a new baby.

Small: $55.75

Large: $65.75

The Love Bouquet

The sweetest way to say ‘I Love You’ is with chocolate covered pineapple hearts and strawberries.

(It’s a great way to get some brownie points too!)

Small: $60.75

Large: $70.75

Lady Bug Love Bouquet

Nestled away in a bed of fresh fruit, you’ll find this cute pineapple ladybug just waiting to be discovered!

Small: $50.00

Large: $60.00

Kiwi Kisses Bouquet

Fresh kiwi steals the show in this bouquet with just the right amount of chocolate coconut strawberries.

Small: $63.50

Large: $73.50

Fresh Berry and Custard Hearts

Chocolate 2-bite hearts filled with a creamy custard and topped with fresh berries, drizzled with white chocolate.

4pk: $18.00

8pk: $32.00

I Got Eyes For You Bouquet

Here’s a fun way to drop a hint to that special person. White chocolate apple wedges and chocolate berries are complimented with big beautiful blue (pineapple) eyes!

Small: $62.50

Large: $72.50

Devilish Love Bouquet

Cute, cuddly and ‘devilicious’! This bouquet comes with 12 chocolate dipped strawberries.


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