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Love You Mom Bouquet

The perfect Mother’s Day treat that’s big enough to share…if Mom wants to, that is! Chocolate pineapple butterflies and strawberries swirled with a creamy yellow chocolate with an assortment of fresh fruit.

Small: $70.00

Large: $80.00

Berry Berry Bouquet

Fresh plump blueberries and strawberries accompanied with chocolate covered apple wedges.

Small: $59.50

Large: $69.50

White Berry Bliss Bouquet

Fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate and swirled with pink accompanied with 3 juicy pineapple hearts! The perfect bouquet for mom.


Large: $65.75

Mug O' Berries Bouquet

Mom's new favorite coffee mug comes stuffed with chocolate covered strawberries with assorted toppings.


Cheese and Berries Bouquet

Delicious cheese daisies poked in a bushel of strawberries along with grapes! The perfect snack.

Small: $54.25

Large: $64.25

Melon Baller Bouquet

A hint of chocolate covered strawberries surrounding by fun-to-eat melon ball skewers and assorted fruit.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Chocolate Berry Daisy Bouquet

White, milk and pink chocolate covered strawberries amoung a bushel of juicy berries and sweet pineapple daisies.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Butterflies in the Garden Bouquet

Chocolate covered pineapple butterflies in a garden of fresh fruit. Perfect for gatherings and celebrations of all sorts.

Small: $95.50

Large: $105.50

Special Treat Bouquet

Induldge on your own or share with that special someone. This bouquet is perfect for any occasion or send it simply as a ‘just because’.

Small: $57.50

Large: $67.50

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Gift Box

Decadent chocolate covered strawberries topped with your choice of milk and white chocolate, skor toffee, coconut, chocolate cookie crumbs and crushed vanilla wafer.

6pk: $16.00

12pk: $27.00

30pk: $52.50

Sunshine Daisy Bouquet

White chocolate on juicy pineapple sun daisies surrounded by fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $55.50

Large: $65.50

Strawberries Delight Bouquet

A bushell of fresh strawberries with lots of white and milk chocolate and butterscotch swirl.

Small: $63.50

Large: $73.50

Loves Ya! Bouquet

Bursting with love! Decadent strawberries dipped and swirled with white and milk chocolate. Complimented with chocolate covered pineapple hearts!

Small: $60.00

Large: $70.00

Fruit-Lovers Bouquet

Fresh fruit galore! Delicious and juicy - the perfect gift for the health nut in your family. Or share with friends at your next gathering.

Small: $82.50

Large: $92.50

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