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Character Berries

Creative (and delicious) chocolate strawberries with fun and colourful designs.

12 pack: $35.00

Sunshine Daisy Bouquet

White chocolate on juicy pineapple sun daisies surrounded by fresh fruit and chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $55.50

Large: $65.50

Bunny Hop Bouquet

Chocolate pineapple bunnies, Easter egg chocolate strawberries and 2 chocolate pops surrounded by fresh fruit.

Small: $56.25

Large: $66.25

Lady Bug Love Bouquet

Nestled away in a bed of fresh fruit, you’ll find this cute pineapple ladybug just waiting to be discovered!

Small: $50.00

Large: $60.00

Baby Boy Love Bouquet

The perfect way to welcome a new addition to the family! Enough chocolate covered strawberries to share with Nan and Pop.

Small: $59.50

Large: $69.50

Watermelon Baby Carriage Bouquet

An assortment of fresh berries, melon balls, grapes and pineapple.


Add a delicious fruit dip for $4.99

Let's Monkey Around Bouquet

Cute pineapple monkey tops highlight this fun and fresh bouquet. Complete with chocolate covered apple wedges and a pineapple owl keeping watch over.

Small: $72.00

Large: $82.00

Little Princess Bouquet

Watermelon ball skewers, chocolate apples and chocolate strawberries with just the right amount of sprinkles. Fresh and fun!

Small: $75.00

Large: $85.00

Sweet 16 Bouquet

Celebrate that special milestone with chocolate covered pineapple daisies and butterflies, chocolate covered strawberries with colorful candy sprinkles and an assortment of fresh fruit.

Small: $88.50

Large: $98.50

Pretty With Pink Bouquet

For that special new addition to the family or celebrating your little princesses birthday. Fresh, delicious and fun.

Small: $62.00

Large: $72.00

You're A Star Bouquet

The perfect bouquet to let someone know they are aces in your book! Coconut and toffee chocolate straweberries are the stars of this arrangement.

Small: $70.00

Large: $80.00

Baby Boy Bouquet

Send this as congratulations to the parents of a bouncing baby boy! White chocolate pineapple ABC blocks and the cutest pineapple sheep will bring a smile to their faces.

Small: $68.75

Large: $78.75

New Baby Girl Bouquet

Send this to new Mom and Dad to help celebrate the birth of their sweet baby girl. Assorted fresh fruit with just the right amount of chocolate covered apple wedges and strawberries. We couldn’t leave out the pink swirl, of course!

Small: $64.00

Large: $74.00

Stars at Night Bouquet

Enjoy this bouquet with your friends as you watch the sunset or nestle in for a cuddly movie night.

Pineapple stars shine over chocolate covered strawberries and assorted fresh fruit.

Small: $65.00

Large: $75.00

Bouncing Baby Boy (or Girl) Bouquet

The perfect size to send to the hospital to congratulate new Mom and Dad! Chocolate apple wedges and strawberries amoung fresh fruit. Can be done in pink, too!

Small: $69.50

Large: $79.50

Butterflies in the Garden Bouquet

Chocolate covered pineapple butterflies in a garden of fresh fruit. Perfect for gatherings and celebrations of all sorts.

Small: $95.50

Large: $105.50

ABC's Bouquet

Fun and delicous for the kids to enjoy! Pineapple letters and chocolate covered strawberries rolled in colorful sprinkles.

Small: $67.25

Large: $77.25

Baby's Christening Bouquet

Celebrating baby’s christening with delicious pink chocolate strawberries with decorative edible beadings.

Small: $59.00

Large: $69.00

Dino-Tastic! Bouquet

Have fun with your fruit! Chocolate covered pineapple dinosaurs in tasty colors!

Small: $88.00

Large: $98.00

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