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Easter Basket Bouquet

A fun alternative to 'eggs in a basket'. A pineapple bunny top, chickadee, and colorful chocolate strawberry eggs!

Small: $58.75

Large: $68.75

Easter Mini Bouquet

Colorful and decorative chocolate dipped strawberries. A great way to change up your easter egg hunt!


Bunny Hop Bouquet

Chocolate pineapple bunnies, Easter egg chocolate strawberries and 2 chocolate pops surrounded by fresh fruit.

Small: $56.25

Large: $66.25

Lady Bug Love Bouquet

Nestled away in a bed of fresh fruit, you’ll find this cute pineapple ladybug just waiting to be discovered!

Small: $50.00

Large: $60.00

Cheese and Berries Bouquet

Delicious cheese daisies poked in a bushel of strawberries along with grapes! The perfect snack.

Small: $54.25

Large: $64.25

Spring Time Bouquet

Just the perfect balance of fresh melons, oranges and blueberries with a hint of chocolate covered strawberries.

Small: $57.00

Large: $67.00

Chocolate Berry Daisy Bouquet

White, milk and pink chocolate covered strawberries amoung a bushel of juicy berries and sweet pineapple daisies.

Small: $51.50

Large: $61.50

Butterflies in the Garden Bouquet

Chocolate covered pineapple butterflies in a garden of fresh fruit. Perfect for gatherings and celebrations of all sorts.

Small: $95.50

Large: $105.50

Character Berries

Creative (and delicious) chocolate strawberries with fun and colourful designs.

12 pack: $35.00

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